Memory issues

Ok so i havent updated my atv firecore installing in over a year… I recently updated (3days ago). After the update i am now getting low memory issues. It is crashing a lot of my content. Podcast work fine, but plex is now crashing like crazy. I also am getting low memory messages coming up ever once and a while. I uninstalled some apps from maintaince and it is a little better now but still having issues. some help would be appreciated 

If you’re seeing low memory issues, remove Plex and things should improve.

Maybe you also should delete your syslog file on the platform.

You will find it by using the following command on the root …

find / -name ‘syslog*’

use winscp or putty to login onto your device


James i actually like plex… no offense to your guys media player, but all i use firecore for is for plex. 


I will try that tonigt


So the issue is getting worse… I have uninstalled mediaplay and nitro only two thing i had on it other then plex

Patrick what syslog file? I figure its one of the two that i highlighted, but i dont wanna flub something…


pple-TV:~ root# find / -name ‘syslog*’












Apple-TV:~ root# 





this is the right one …

Go inside and remove the whole content, save the empty file.

I do it monthly and after the first time I did it I won over 60 MB!


Opps! I just deleted the filed. I rebooted and ATV still works. I am out of town for the holiday but i will be testing it out all next week (It seems to be working better so far ) 

Thanks for the info Patrick! So what was in the log file to build up 60MB? 

Well, I made a kind of cronjob on the ATV2 which start a bash-script and this triggers my Fritz-Box to get a new IP from the ISP. ( every 50 minutes ) :wink:

Well, every renewal-process is documented in the syslog file. Thats why the syslog was so huge …

If you delete the file it doesn’t matter, the OS will create a new one after reboot.



James - Any help or advice on this? Is it good practice and housekeeping to delete the content of this?

If so I will incorperate this into my routeen.


Clearing the syslog will free up some storage space, but will not alleviate the ‘Low Memory’ issue.

Plex is the biggest offender when it comes to memory usage, so unfortunately if you’re seeing these errors your best option may be to remove Plex.

Here’s a forum thread where Plex users are seeing similar issues:

That said, we’re not currently involved in the development of Plex, but we have reached out to them and offered a substantial amount of diagnostic information which could help them track down issues like this. The last such attempt was on 10/27, and as of today there has been no response.