very slow with 4K files

Hello !

I have a account and I stream movies in 4K with Infuse. However, I have reading problems with these films because they cut every 2 minutes and therefore I cannot read them. It’s not a bandwidth problem because I have fiber optics and a good connection. I don’t know but I am therefore thinking either of an infuse problem which has difficulty reading the content in 4K on or a problem on the servers which are very slow during the day ??

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Thanks everyone!


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A test would be to download one of the videos you’re having issues with to a local share and see if Infuse plays it without problems from a local source. My guess is that Mega is the problem with slow servers. Streaming 4K is not an easy task for servers. Their more comfortable with downloads where a second or two of reduced speed won’t affect the end result much.

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Thanks for the reply !

Yes i did these tests about playing movies with local media and it works fine. Suddenly, I’m thinking of slowness on the servers but I wanted to have user feedback to be sure…
Moreover I noticed that the problems are recurrent during the week unlike the weekend…

Infuse includes a speed test option (available when viewing a share’s settings in Infuse).

Running this for your MEGA connection will show you the max speeds you are able to achieve at a given time. It’s possible speeds may vary during the day/week depending on how much server traffic they are seeing.

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Hello, thank you for the answer!
I did not remember that there was a speed test and indeed the few films which do not work are downloaded less quickly than those which do …

For example (Current speed):
Tenet (4K) → 40Mbps
Blade runner 2049 (4K) → 700 Mbps
=> The difference is quite huge …

I don’t know if I can see this with Mega? I do not think so…