support coming

So I’ve just read the announcements page and it says support in the 6.5
.x section. Is there any indication to when this will be and how it will work with megas encryption.

I’m wanting to swap to mega for my storage as gsuite is no longer going to be a thing :frowning:

What is the likely hood of mega support as i’ll start moving my files now

Personally, I’d not make any plans on it until it gets into the next release. So many hidden issues that may affect things on “planned” features makes it a coin toss.

I wouldn’t move a thing until it’s closer. Who’s to say that the issues that Gdrive is seeing won’t be shared with mega? I would not be surprised to see that too.

Good point I’ll hang fire until the release. thank you :slight_smile:

Mega is currently under active development. No ETA just yet though.