MEGA - Error loading content

I’ve hooked up my MEGA cloud to Infuse and it works for the most part but I often get the “Error loading content” message. For example, continuous play for TV shows does not work most of the time. However, when I manually select the next episode just seconds after I got the error loading message, the next episode plays with no issue.

Error code = C7ARP

Any idea what’s going on? Anything I can do on my end to fix this?
Thanks for looking into it!

Are you seeing this error when streaming files from MEGA or from another device? If you’re browsing through the Library them Infuse is likely grouping content from multiple sources together, so it may not be totally obvious where the file is stored (the file location will be displayed on the video details page).

I see some network related errors in your logs when connecting to an SMB share, but nothing obvious for MEGA.