Mediaplayer-Save Location

Something that would be helpful in the mediaplayer:

The ability to save folder locations. Currently to get to my TV or Films I have to navigate through different hard drives and folders. To be able to just jump straight to my “Films” folder on whichever hard drive would be awesome.

A faster Fast-Forward and Rewind would also be helpful.


i would like this to so under the “Media Player” selection you could store the locations, instead of having to go through all the othe menues.


This is already available (and has been since beta 5).

Navigate to the folder holding your films, and the press and hold the OK button on the remote. This will bring up a menu to allow you to set this location as a favourites with whatever name you like (e.g. “Films”). The list of favourites is a top level display within Media Player.

Wow, cool. Thanks for that.

Sorry for requesting something that’s already there. 

Really enjoying the mediaplayer.

Hummmm, i still can not get the folder to apear under the “Media” selction , above the  myFiles and settings. 

Where do they appear then?  Have you successfully set up the favorites?  Certainly on my system they are directly under the drop-down menu available when you are on the Media Lowtide option (above My Files and Settings).  

I had no problems adding “Favorite” folders. Simply holding OK button and then choosing to “Add to Favorites”. They were then in the dropdown list under Media. Very easy to rename as well. 

Only issue I still have is I access my media on SMB network and the navigating straight to folders on the networked hard drives doesn’t work. The connection times out before it can connect (this is a common problem as the drives are slow to boot up).

To fix this the best thing would be an automount drive option (I think nitoTV has that option). Perhaps as soon as the appleTV boots up it could also autoboot my SMB drives? That sure would be helpful :slight_smile:



Are you trying to save a single file to Favorites? It seems you can only save folders, not files.

If I hold down OK on a single file my options are “Mark as Watched” & “Mark as Unwatched”. But holding OK on a folder the options are “Play slideshow”, “Playback as playlist” or “Add to Favorites”.

Hope that helps.

I grt the options on a single movie like you said but not on the folder with the films in