Mediaplayer List View



in ListView on the right side there is a list of the Filenames. Would it be possible to have the Names of the Movies /TV Show Episodes shown there?




Go to Media → Settings → General → Show File Extensions and set it to No


that only removes the extension of the filename.

But I wouöd like to see the Name of the Movie Or TVShow Episode as it is shown on the left side, when I select an entry.




Did you actually try to use the option?

Despite what the option is called it toggles between using the file name in list view and using the metadata name (which is what I think you are asking for)

It is probably because in the early days of the Media Player development, before metadata was supported, it did what is said and removed the file extension. However with the introduction of Metadata support its actual action morprhed in meaning use the filename or use the metadata. Maybe the option should be renamed to indicate what it actually does now.