Mediaplayer: An error occurred

An error occurred. Could not open dir [SMB://server/docs/]. Reason: Operation timed out(60)

This happens when I connect the media player with my windows 7 pc. When I connect with my macbookpro SMB or AFP they both work.
Any suggestion on how to connect to my pc? It’s just a normal share… I can see all my pc shares but when go to that share I immediately get this error.
(I can connect from my macbookpro to my windows 7 pc…)

Thx in advance!

Unless you happen to have DNS setup at home with your windows pc set up with an A record, you’ll need to use use the IP address of the machine in the server name field.  The ATV is trying to resolve the hostname when you are seeing the 60 second timeout.  It should work fine after that.

I hoped that beta6 would solve my problem. But still I’m getting this error. “Operation timed out(60)”
I’ve changed server into my ipadres but this doesn’t help. When I press the new “test connection” button it passes the test.
With my macbookpro os x 10.6.8 I can connect via smb to my server (

Any help would be appreciated!
Thx in advance.


I think when the previous person said to change the ip address to the machine, he meant the W7 computer, not the router. is usually the address of the router, so goto your client’s table (should be under LAN or something) in your router settings and it’ll tell you the ip of the w7 comp.  

The make/model of your router would also help if you have further troubles.

Do you by chance have windows live installed?




My router lives on

The make/model of your router would also help if you have further troubles.

It’s a Thomson modem/router it’s from my cablecompany… I don’t believe it has something to do with my router. It’s W7.
I also had a look at the user policies in W7 without any luck. I also don’t have Windows Live installed…
Can anyone tell me if they have a working W7 + SMB + Mediaplayer up and running? If so, I’ll do a clean install of W7…
Or maybe create a virtual W7 via my MacBookPro + VMWare…


My setup is W7 connected through SMB.  Are you sure you have sharing setup on your W7 computer properly?

For me i have my advanced sharing setting set at this (on my home network). So when i want to share a folder i just right-click and do this

Then your computer should let the ATV connect to it.

Thx for your help. But… (there’s allways a but) With the Mediaplayer I can connect, I can see the shares. When I go to the share I get the error. I’ll try a clean install of W7 in a couple of days… I’ve checked my advanced settings but mine are the same as yours.