MediaPlayer 2.1 can't play mp4 and m4v

Dear FireCore Team,

I still had the problem since Version 2 that MP4 and M4V files will not play correctly.
The files are encoded with different software ( handbreak and  XMedia Recode ) but all of them use flexible fps.

If you play a Movie it looks ugly.

Since then I use XBMC to play the movies


Please investigate in this error and kick the bug ass …

Would you mind opening a support ticket and telling us a little more about what’s going on?

Hi James,


its a bit tricky cause of my little daughter … :[

When I come home she is sleeping and I can’t start the TV but on the weekend … to short up all things here some details and you’ll get a private message in a few minutes where you can download a mp4 file.

Here the Details:

MP4 was done with xmediaRecode :

I use WLAN connection for my ATV2

MP4 doesn’t play correctly in MediaPlayer … Screennoises and Sound is stuttering.

All is updated to the latest Version.

XBMC will play the movie without any problems.

If you need further informations please don’t hesitate to write me, I’ll send via ATV2 on weekend.