Media Type Metadata for NFS shares

I have NFS set up with my aTV2 running the latest firecore. It finds my server and sees my 2 shares. One is called “Movies” and one is called “TV Shows”. 

This aTV is connected via Wifi and streaming works great. The problem I have is that FC believes that almost all of my media is Movies (default). When I mounted these shares via SMB, I was able to hold down the center button on the share and tell FC that it contained Movies|TV Shows|Music|. I cannot find that functionality at the share level for NFS. Can anyone tell me how to accomplish that. I have about 5500 videos in the TV share and changing them all manually is a non-starter for me.






Unfortunately this cannot be done (at least right now) at the share level. You would need to select one or more folders contained on the share and mark that as TV Shows.

As easy workaround for now would be to simply add an extra folder to the share, and place all your TV shows in this folder. Then you only have to mark this single folder as TV shows.

Thanks for the tip!. Both of these shares have the same parent folder. I’ll just change the share structure such that the folder containing each of these shares is shared instead and that should allow me to do it.