Media Streaming - PLEASE HELP

Hi, I am tearing my hair out at this stage, I thought this was going to be so easy :frowning:
ATV2 (with aTV Flash 1.3 installed successfully)
Apple Airport Extreme
1TB Drive (FAT32 formatted)
Macbook Air (OS10.7)
File sharing is enabled on external drive connected to Airport Extreme. Shows up as a Sharepoint Drive on Mac and all folders and files are accessible.

Have installed Media Centre on ATV2 and tried to Add Share.

OPTION 1: AFP Airport Extreme does not automatically show. I have manually added all necessary information but Test WILL NOT Pass.

OPTION 2: Created an SMB Share, added all necessary information and Test DOES Pass. Save Changes. Open up Share, sees drive named ‘Media’ but won’t go any further into drive, gives error message ‘smb://blahblahblah’ does not exist.
aTV Flash is useless to me without this functionality, please help…

Option 2 - SMB share.

Make sure you have the word ‘WORKGROUP’ in the field that is named Workgroup.

I had your problem month ago and that fixed it for me.

I had tried it with ‘WORKGROUP’ but that didn’t work either, going to try formatting the drive in HFS+ and see if that works.