Media Streaming from Windows 8

Hey just wondering if anyone has updated to windows 8 and is having trouble streaming from media player? I cant seem to connect with my pc from atv. and am getting the ‘could not open dir. no such file or directory’ error?

same problem here when first updated to win 8 from win 7, but yesterday I updated the media player in apple tv and it stop working. SMB share do not show my PC with Win 8


Is media sharing enabled in Windows 8?

I’m having the same exact problem. I assume there is something easy I am missing to make this work. Did you ever get it to work?

I’m running Win8 with no problems as far as sharing is concerned, I’m pretty sure all I did was enable sharing in the drive options as per most other versions of Windows.

I had the same problems.  I followed the instructions from the guy on this link and it worked.  Best of luck