Media Sharing

Hi There


I have just installed ATV Black Beta, and i am trying to get the Media player to add my files but when i go to add an SMB server i get back the following message on the screen


Could not open dir [SMB://APPLETV-PC}. Reason: Permission denied (13)


how do i get it to allow the Media Player to connect to the SMB server?


I am running Windows 7 on my laptop where all the media is stored

Are you using a username/password on the AppleTV to connect to your PC?

no there isn’t a password set up on the windows 7 machine, i have managed to get it to connect to the laptop now can’t get it to access the external hdd that is attached via usb to it with all the media stored on it

Got this all sorted now, it was due to one of my external hdd’s not allowing sharing over the network so moved all my media over to my Seagate external hdd and all is working fine now :smiley:

I am having the same problem and I have not yet been able to sort it. Can you help?

I have an NAS Drive that shows up but I cannot access the share folder.

I never got my drive to connect so transfered everything over to my Seagate drive and everything works fine now, it is something to do with my other drive not liking the sharing over the network for some unknown reason