Media Sharing for windows?


Hello, I have the latest seasonpass and atvBlack installed, I have a NAS drive with my movie library. I only own PCs, no Mac's

Am I able to stream movies from my NAS to my ATV2 ??

If anyone has any experience in this, a reply with basic instructions would be a huge awesomeness. I'm trying to set this ATV2 up as a mothers day gift to deliver tomorrow.

At the moment you can only stream from Windows (SMB) shares using the XBMC media player. However this does not get on well with the latest Apple firmware for the ATV2 based on iOS 4.3…

Support for SMB shares in the FireCore media player is expected to be a feature of beta 5 of the FireCore software - which is expected to arrive in the next week or so.

thanks for the info... appreciated

is there any way for NAS drives? I see theres AFP shares, and i think my iomega NAS supports AFP but I have no idea how to implement it

I have the media player installed and am waiting for the ability to share video_ts files from my PC. You have stated that this should be soon. Are you able to indicate any timescale at present.

Everything else is working fine and file sharing with my PC for the media player would be the icing on the cake.

I realise that this may have been answered ealier in this string, but this would be the final piece of the puzzle, and wish to update as soon as it is released.