Media Setup problem


Here is the deal; I have an aTV 2g Black, running your software (to be honest, it isn’t mine, but it is shared). I have an iMac with two external HDD’s. Both are NTFS, because I am a previous windows user. 

I am trying to use these drives to play movies on the aTV. I have always used these drives in combination with Plex on my Mac. I can’t seem to figure out how to get them to work in the current setup though. Any thoughts?

(P.S: The HDD’s are 1,5TB and 2TB, packed full with media goodness. It would take a lot of time, and even money for a new HDD, to back it all up and reformat these drives.)

I’m having a similar problem but I cannot get media player to work with my windows XP home setup. The Atv does not even recognize my computer at all when searching for computers sources.

See previous post with more details in another thread.

Use IP address instead of host name, worked for me.

Well, I’ve been reading some topics, and I have found some fixes. Most are for windows users though. I don’t have any windows machines.