Media Settings Window

Hi, I have latest macOS and infuse.

Isn’t better if the clicking outside the settings would be a good way to close settings not just clicking the cross “X”?

That would probably break the programing and UI guidelines of how a macOS app should behave

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Hmmm, so it’s not possible :bowing_man:t2:

I think a Cmd+W should close the window if you don’t want to click the X (maybe not implemented yet)

Cmd+W doesn’t close the window.

Of course it’s possible but there is an upside to all macOS programs behaving in a similar fashion.

That said, other apps like like the ones from Apple that comes with macOS have settings windows behave like other windows. The have the normal colored dots in the upper left corner and they do close with a cmd+w.

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ESC should close the Settings window. :slight_smile:

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Thanks that’s better than nothing.

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