Media server options for .ISO playback

It’s been a while, but I have used Infuse in the past to play back .iso files to keep the menu structure, etc… and it worked well. I’m now at the point where practically the only media I have left are my concert DVD/BRs’s where I want the menus, track selection, special features and so on. I can obviously play these back by simply scrolling through a list of .ISO files, but was wondering if there were any great media server options that I could use to share them in a more Plex like fashion. Mostly just looking for something that will look pretty to me in my house, but would be awesome if there was a plex like alternative that I could use to share these concerts with my friends.

TIA for any suggestion,


PS, I have a huge unraid server, so running another media server is no bit deal. Would love for something that worked on the aTV4K. If that’s not possible and someone knows of an option that would work with a Shield, I could live survive. I only got the shield because the aTV4K wasn’t out yet and I still occasionally use it if I’m watching something on plex with Atmos although I think a recent Infuse upgrade might have fixed that.