Media PlAYER

Biiggest issue I have with Media Player is it displays files in a disorganized fashion.

  1. When Setting up “My Files”, the user should have to define the type of file to display.  If it is a “Movie” I don’t want it to display jpg’s.  Example, I have one movie per folder, but sometimes 20 backdrop jpg’s.  What a mess!

  2. Categories of Media would be great, with the ability to add multiple sources for each.  For example, one Category would be movies, and there may be multiple sources.  THis would be similar to XBMC. 

  3.  I keep getting the choppy playback reminder, skip it.

  4. If a movie is in a folder, don’t use the movie file name to grab metadata, instead use the folder name.

  5. I get no sound on any mcvies, but they play using other software.

6.  Can you sort movies by source file date stamp rather than date added to library.  Seems to be a difference.