Media Player

When I start the MEDIA player I see a list of movie titles. How can I clear the list?

I just want to see my MOVIE folder which is on my shared NAS.

The Recently Played list can be cleared through the Media --> Settings menu.


I pressed the MEDIA -> Settings  but stiil don’t see where to clear this list.

Please tell me where to go to.

Under the Media Player-Settings menu there is an item called “Clrear Recently Watched”


I see that but it’s GREYED-OUT.


So you’re saying you see movies listed in the top shelf area (above the Media menu) and the ‘Clear Recently Watched Items’ option is greyed out?

I wonder if these are the Top Movie entries that the standard Apple firmware is putting there and nothing to do with Media Player?   However the original question did refer to starting Media Player, so one would assume not.



 I attached 2 files to this.  As you can see the names are Anny Lennox and Cock Robin.  They do not sound familiar to me, they are not part of my collection.

So maybe you are right that these are advertizements which I don’t like.   What do you think?


Ah, those are actually Favorites.

You can edit or remove Favorites through the My Files menu. Navigate to My Files, highlight the Favorite to remove, hold the center (select) button and choose the Remove option.

I guess more to the point is who actually set them up?   One has to take positive action to get favourites to appear.   In fact a common question I have seen in the forum is “How does one set up a favourite?” as many people do not know how to do it.  :slight_smile:

A very good question indeed. Any folder accessed through Media Player can be setup as a Favorite. Theoretically if someone, say a toddler, were to get hold of the AppleTV remote and starting pressing buttons, a few random Favorites such as this could be the result.

The official guide for setting up Favorites can be found here:

I was able to remove the names by going into My Files en holding the SELECT button for some time untill the name went away.

I did not know this “feature”. Where should I had read about this? 


Thanks folks…