Media Player

Hi all,


I have a problem to play MP3 with media Player.

When i go in the direction where are my mp3´s ( music),

then it´s written no items to play.

Have anybody an idea?


Do you have all your music set up in iTunes in your computer? If so then don’t use the Media Player for music, keep using the Computers/‘iTunes Library’ where you can search more easily. I tend to use AirTunes and choose music through the computer, it’s less fiddly than using the Remote or Remote App.

Having said that your music should be available in Media/My Files if you’ve selected that drive through Manage Shares.

i have my music not on itunes.


I have my music on a nas drive (synology).


in the xbmc media center there is no problem to go on the nas to play mp3´s.


many thanks.

Are you running the latest 0.8 version of Media Player?

Which version of AppleTV software?

Apple TV : 4.1.1


Greenpoison jailbreak


Mediaplayer 07.86


atv flash (black) 7


Today there was also an update in manage extras -> maintenance


but when i go in a directory with mp3´s ther is written no items to play

That’s a pretty old version. Your best option will be to re-jailbreak with the latest version of Seas0nPass and re-install aTV Flash (black).

thank´s after the new jailbreak to version 4.3 now it´s all running.


One question more is it possible to play with the media player music,


the you go out of the menue music and play a foto slideshow?


it means fotos with backroundmusic.