Media Player

Something I will like for the media player is a loop function

I have a few scenic videos when I was with serene saver that I would love to keep running on the ATV (should come right after the beta 5 update to make them play)

But it would be great to have the option to make the videos loop.

As I have a nice beach/waterfall/fire going.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll see what we can do.

I would also like to see this added at some point. Quite possibly also the ability to do a slideshow/playlist similar to viewing photos in the native Flickr app.

With an Apple TV setup at my office where I work, I would like to be able to put on a single (or multiple) video on loop for specific occasions.

I didn’t see the feature in the latest beta release, but I was wondering if there would be the abiity to specify which folder on the NAS I want mapped for video play list. (Kind of like what XBMC could do).  I didn’t want to rearrange my NAS folders.  Thanks for adding SBM support in the latest release!

I would have thought you could achieve that by using the Favorites feature?

I can’t find the favorite feature in the menu.  Could you tell me where to look?

When browsing the share you can hold down the OK button on the remote to get extra options to show.

Great job on beta 5. Media Player has great potential.

What i like about Media PLayer:  1. Simple user interface, ATV-like setup and gui. 2. Stable ! 3. SMB support 4. Working with NAS is great.  :-X 5. Simple and without to much settings: user-friendly

Comments: DvD menu needs the same controls as the volume and wind functions and that is a bit confusing… :frowning: / I can’t find any user manual (?) with setup, tips and tricks: would be nice. /  UpNp support would be great. / Buffering a bit more gives seamless performance / 5.1 Dolby and DTS is a must to show it’s full potential and gives a boost in usage. / OSD functionality for fine tuning, subtitles on-off and language and audio selection after starting Dvd or video. 

I am anxious for next release. Any idea when that will be ???

Great job so far…!

Thanks for your feedback.

Many of the issues you pointed out are being worked on and will be resolved in the upcoming Beta6 version.

Beta6 is slated for a mid June-ish release.

Is There any news on Beta 6 ?
Another question: is It known that media player can not work properly when xbmc is installed ?

Beta6 came out today! :)

I have both the lates XBMC and Media Player beta 6 installed and working without any conflicts.

I have tested xbmc latest with Beta 6 and i cuold not find any issues anymore, so you are right !,

In beta6 it’s still not possible (at least i couldn’t find it) to select audio tracks or switch on/off subtitle tracks. I realy like to have this because my kids like to watch (animation) movies in our native (dutch) language and i like to watch the movies in their orriginal language with subs.

Will this be available in Beta7?


Good job on stability, memory usage and video performance. DvD menu’s are working nicely and i am still à fan of the userinterface. Am i right that dolby and DTS is still not available ? Where can i find the tips and tricks ? Some DvD’s does not start properly, they give à black screen. When you rewind à bit it starts playing, others start nicely. I can’t figure out what makes the difference. MOV home video’s (720p Apple) is also very good in quality and stability.
It is a great progress !!

Please if anyone is able to help me. I have been trying to figure out how to add files from my computer over the internet to the apple tv 2g? Please I don’t know how to do this. It is working fine alongside xbmc.

I think you make a mistake. You can’t add files to the ATV2. The device is onley designed to stream media. So, from your iTunes on a Mac or PC, or from a NAS or drive attached to your WiFi-router. If tou want to add files to the system library you need a VNC like application, or a setup from software installing applications on you ATV like Nito and others.

Of any help ?


Hi Mbuke,

Yes thatswhat I meant, i did not want to add files to my apple tv to watch through the media player on there, but i wanted to stream them from my ubuntu machine to my apple tv 2g somehow? is this possible? without Itunes? I am trying to scrap Windows all together. I do have a windows machine though however. Is there some way to stream my movies, music etc. to the media player on apple tv?

It is not clear if the Apple TV and the Ubuntu machine are both on your home network, or whether you are trying to use the Apple TV in one location and then using the Internet to access the Ubuntu machine that is at a different remote location?     If the latter then we would need more details of the networking hardware at the unbunto end as that is a tricky configuration to get right.


Well both my ubuntu and my apple tv are on the same network, they are both in separate parts of the house. I have on my ubuntu set up, a upnp ps3 media server, as well as the mediatomb media server. These both send streaming to upnp devices like my xbmc on my apple tv 2g, however, i would like to access these files on the “media player” on the apple tv? Is this possible.