Media Player

Hi - Love the media player. works well


My only issue is my NAS has the various shows / Movies in folders , and the media player does not show the folders, only the files that are at root, but not in folders. can you enable folders for the media server?



Thanks for the feedback. The lack of folder support on some NAS drives is a known issue, and something we're currently looking into.

Stay tuned.

Great. Incidentally I have a synology ds411+

I'm having the same problem.... LaCie Network Space drive.

Thanks so much for adding Media Player and I am very excited about this addition to ATVflash!

Initial issues:

Plyback goes out of sync if I pause and then restart a file. The sync slowly comes back together over the course of about ten minutes. This has happened to two .avi's I have watched. Also, one of the avi's was getting terrible artifacts and ghosting, something that would often happen to my ATV1 if the MP4 playthrough was on in the settings.

Keep up the great work, I look forward to the updates.


(I am using an Iomega Home Media Drive NAS)