Media Player wont start movie by selecting folder

I have all my folders set up as they were ripped on an external HD.






Thing is, when I share the drive through the router I have all of the folders show in Media Player and you actually have to go right down to the individual VTS files and run them. Once the 1st finsihes you have to select the second. Not fun.

I then disconnected from the router and plugged into a PC, shared the folder and the problem didnt occur. As you would expect there were all the movie posters, you select and it plays the movie in full.

Problem is I really need it working connected to the router, as it is much much faster connected at 5ghz directly to the router. Now its 5ghz to the router and Apple TV, then 2.4ghz to the PC etc etc.

Any thoughts? Its a Netgear DGND3700.