Media Player won't play .MKV or .MP4 file

I just purchased and installed aTV Flash (Black), then installed the media player.  I'm able to find my shares no problem, but when I try to stream them, the media player seems to crash and reset the ATV device (when playing MP4 files).  for my MKV files, I get "an error has occured loading this content", for some of the MKV files I get the same behavior as witht he MP4 files.


Anything else I can try (such as copying files directly to the device).  If so, how?


I get this error with some MKVs and not others.

Probably has something to do with stream format.

I had this same problem until I saw a post that said that the Pwnage Tool jailbreak could cause problems.  I re-jailbroke using Seas0npass from the fireCore site and now all streaming with the media player works great.


If you jailbroke using Pwnage Tool, I would recommend giving Seas0npass a shot.

Jailbreak tool is not cause from what I can see. I used Sea0npass to jailbreak Atv2 and i see this problem with some MKV movies also. However, I did notice that at least one of the movies not playing now, with that error message, did play pre a Media Player upgrade. Just not sure which version it stopped working in.

I have been having similar problems lately. Media player will not play certain .mkv movies and will show an errror that says the device does not have enough memory.I have also been experiencing real bad lag on certain .avi files. I also jailbroke with season pass. Videos are being streamed from External HD connected to airport extreme.

This is a known issue which should be greatly improved in Beta5.

I am still suffering from a MKV Playback error and i am currently running Beta 6 i jailbroke using season pass and the movies are playing off an external harddrive connected to NAS please help

When will the next beta release be ready?   Br   Lasse

New version will be out Friday!

Lots of good stuff. :)


Cool! I am looking forwards to it. :slight_smile:

Hi James


Thanks for the quick reply. Is it possible at this time to post the release notes for the beta?





Not yet. We’ll have more details later this week.

Same issue some mkvs are fine others wont play and no mp4s play. A little bit frustrated coz i just purchased only to find various formats not playing? used Seas0npass and 4.4.1 software

Hmm… any special signs or german umlauts in the filename?

I got the Problem to play files with german umlauts … Hey Proggers: Whats about UTF-8 encoding?