Media Player Wish List

My wish list would be.

1-- A way to maually correct meta Info.

2-- A search fuction with genre feature. Have to many movies to seach through.

Works very well so far great job.

Hope down the road they will be added to future updates.



I’m not too keen to have too many things added to Media Player; for me its simplicity is its strength. Improvements to invisible stuff (from the user interface perspective), like better memory handling and more media codecs, is what the player needs moving forward. Having said that, the one biggie it lacks that will keep me using XBMC for the time being is subtitle support but that is on the development ‘to do’ list.

For beta software Media Player is already awesome; it has been the backbone of my weekend’s entertainment. I used it on 4 occasions that I would normally have fired up XBMC.


Yes Player works very well for sure. Problem is when someone wants to see a movie they have to scoll though them all. With more than 2 terabytes of avi’s a seach and genre would be on the top of my list. As for subs I incode them into the avi’s.

Rather than rely on automatic tagging of movie files, I place them in my own subfolders on my SMB share. I have all my movies in sub-folders such as Animation, Silent Classics, Science Fiction, Crime, Action Thriller, Romantic Comedy etc. All these folders show up as folders on Media Player so my movies are already categorised whether I watch them on Media Player, XBMC, WiiMC etc.

I agree that a filtering or search system would be useful but categorising my own stuff helps me enormously when streaming to multiple devices with different software.

If the metatagging worked sufficiently, It would be rather straightforward then for the movies to be organised by genre.