Media Player Video_TS DVD files not playing full screen

Why are my Video_TS DVD full copies not playing in full screen in Media Player.  There are black boxes around all 4 sides of the movie and it seems to be squeezed looking.  It plays converted .mp4 and .avi in full screen but not the Video_TS.  Is there a setting or something I can adjust to fix the problem?

I can report the same issue

Just got aTV(2) Flash installed this evening and just got to watching a DVD (Video TS) ripped folder and can report it too is showing in the wrong aspect.


To the other posters, when you say there are black borders on all 4 sides, are you sure the visible picture is actually the correct aspect ratio. I too see borders on all 4 sides but I expect to see borders top and bottom as the film is in Cinemascope (2.40:1), but the actual image is squashed horizontally resulting in tall/narrow/skinny actors/actresses.


So, it seems that the image is rendered in a 4:3 picture frame giving the narrowness, but the borders left and right do seem wider than I’d expect - the extra border is probably also added to the top and bottom but I can’t be sure. Season 11 (a DVD someone created) does show full height.


Also, there are a few glitches every now and again - more like 1/2 second pauses - and these then introduce lip-sync problems. This happens from an SMB share using wired network connection.


other media I’ve just been trying…

Die Hard 4 MKV (720p x264 mpeg4 avc with A52 (aka AC3) ) plays with stutter and audio glitches and the audio is not Dolby/AC3 - my AudioLab 8000AP shows it as PMC HD PLII, which means its stereo.

Minority Report (720p mpeg1/2 with A52/AC3) hardly plays at all. There’s mostly audio, but the ATV2 has a hard time rendering more than 1 frame in 5 seconds or so and when the picture frame does get updated, its interrupts the audio. Now this is a .ts file and has both English and German soundtracks - but the German one is the one it plays.


I realise Media Player is in Alpha, hence trying to provide some diagnosis of what I’m experiencing.

Im having the same issues. Some media plays in correct aspect and others on 4:3. All my movies are in DVD VOB files.

Well actually beta 5 seems to make it worse. On the other hand arn’t you guys seeing jerky video and hearing sound drop outs. I could live with black boxes around the video but not with jerky playback… :wink: What does it help if all the DVDs play, aspect is correct but video is jerky…