Media Player UPnP support

I’m quite happy with the latest aTV Flash version but I wonder if it would be possible to add UPnP support for the Media Player in the future?

This would make it perfect as I have some devices that only supply their videos via UPnP and currently I’m not able to access them with the Media Player.

Anything planned?


We’re planning to add UPnP support in a future version, but no ETA just yet.

Hey James how long before the upnp update comes along.

+1 for the UPnP support too. Have to go to XBMC for it

Hello there,

Only got the program and so far am loving it. :slight_smile:

Only thing i love to do is add my server to it.

It needs the UPnP support for it to work.


Any news on when the next update is out and will this update have UPnP support?


Thank you

Any news on UPNP?

I too would like to see where UPnP is going with aTV black.


No rush though FireCore, just curious :slight_smile:

+1 to this …


Is something new for upnp / dlna support to media player ?


Hi, James. any news with this new feature? almost a year and a half has passed since last news :slight_smile:

Yes please! Lets have A clear roadmap… We pay for your Product :slight_smile:

Are there any news about the UPnP support?