Media Player Transcode or Plays MKV's?

Hey all! I am about to pull the trigger on purchasing this for my ATV2, but I have a quick question.

The computer I have all of my movies stored on is rather slow. It is a single core with 4GB of RAM running Windows 7. I have numerous media players installed and latest codecs, drivers, etc. It stutters with 720p MKV’s in VLC, Windows Media Player, etc. It plays okay sometimes in XBMC.

Anyways, what my is, does this jailbreak actually play the MKV files on the Apple TV itself or does it transcode them on the “host” computer and then stream that to the Apple TV?



it’s streaming

Sorry, I just want to confirm. Is it streaming the video after transcoding it or does it just play the MKV?


It plays the file directly. Any transoding required happens internally inside the Media Player. Typically there is no ‘host’ computer - just something providing network storage. Of course a computer can also act aS the host for network Isobel storage.

Fantastic, thank you for clarifying! Definitely going to purchase this then today.