Media player srt playing but not with the right typo/char

First i wanna say thanks for the media player 0.9…It works fine with the apple tv 2 and 4.4.1 upgrade. But i miss something !


First I miss to change the aspect in the movie i am playing.

Second I miss to see a movie that is split into 2 or more files to be viewed in one file. Like XBMC

And third I miss to see subtiles in a different languanges showing with the right set of char. I am from denmark and som char is showing like it does not recognize the char. It looks bad, but watchable.

Have you thought of making an update that includes these function ?

Loving the media player and the last movie titles on the home screen. Great !

I was a big fan of XBMC, but this could be the way to do it in the near future. Hoping for an update.


Sincerly Per 

Hej Per:)

You can change the encoding in the subtitles menu when playing a movie - change to Nordic… This will effect all movies:)


Thanks Christian. This was great news…Sorry i first reply now. I was having problems with the upgrade to 4.4.1. I have downgraded to 4.3 so i can boot with unthething.

But i have problem with zoom or not having the function. I have some movies that is in another resolution, and they dont fill the screen. In Xbmc i can change the zoom, so it fit the screen.

Can the media player do that ? I am running media player 0.9