Media Player sound codec detection

Hi everyone!

I’m having a bug with Media Player that is slightly annoying, I still encode videos from mkv to m4v using the solution of having 2 tracks, one in stereo 2.0 and one in ac3 dolby 5.1

Media Player works like a charm and selects the right track most of the time, the only issue I’ve found is that in some titles (like True Blood) there’s a preview at the beginning of the video that is in 2.0 then it jumps to dolby 5.1, Media Player fails to detect the codec change in m4v and plays the whole thing in 2.0

This doesn’t happen with mkv as far as I’ve experienced

Would it be possible to fix this in future updates? 

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work :smiley:

Hmm - could you run one of the files through MediaInfo ( and attach the specs to a support ticket. If you’re able to send in a sample file that may help in tracking down what’s going on. 

Oh excellent I’ll do so right now.


Thanks James!