Media Player share stopped working since re-jailbroken.

Hi. I foolishly ‘upgraded’ my ATV2 to the latest iOS. I knew I would loose my JB but the urge to try something new took over!


Anyway, needless to say I didn’t like the new software. I have managed to successfully downgrade back to v4.4.4 and have JB again. No problems so far everything works as before with the exception of the Media Player share. For some reason the ATV2 will not find my PC.

NOTHING has changed on my network at all. All that has happened is me re-jailbreaking the ATV2. Even the IP address is the same.

Do you have any suggestions please?

Did you recreate your shares, or restore settings from via the Maintenance->Manage Backips facility?    I do not think that the restore option restores any passwords so you may need to check your connection settings.   If necessary I would try removing the shares from Media Player and then recreating them in Media player

I did restore form a back up initially, but as you say ,that didn’t work so I delete the share. The problem I have is when I try to create a NEW share I select ADD SHARE, but I only get a spinning disk which times out eventually, no share is found.


As I said, nothing on my PC or network has changed.