Media Player share maintenance: deleted shares still available in My Files

In the list of my shares in My Files I can still see a share that I already deleted. Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a share, but use the wrong user name (I used my shell user name instead of the full name that OS X takes on login)

2. Try to browse it from My Files --> doesn't work, expected behaviour

3. I tried reentering the password first, assuming it was wrong, went back to My Files, couldn't access the share, then changed the user name to the correct one.

4. Try to browse the modified share from My Files --> doesn't work (bug 1)

5. Delete the share

6. Recreate the share, this time use the correct user name from the start

7. Go to My Files

8. The share appears twice with the same name (bug 2): the first one is the original attempt which still does not connect, the second one is the new attempt, it does connect.


I sent the diagnostic information, my serial number is C7RFC5HGDDR5. The first 5 could also be a 6 or an S, it is difficult to tell on my old TV (I'm using an HDMI to analog converter)


I jailbroke my Apple TV2 using the latest Seas0nPass. Worked perfectly in contrast to GreenPois0n and PwnageTool. Thanks for that!