Media Player setup

I have been trying to search for an answer and have been unsuccessful. 

In the Media Player it is showing all of the folders on my Mac HD and my itunes from an external hard drive, however, I don’t know and can’t get the files on my other external hard drive to show up, and that is where all of my videos are. 

How do I get that to show up in the media menu?? 

I tried using XBMC but it would not share with my Mac even though it was set up correctly. 

I’m just totally lost. 

Any and all help would be much appreciated. 

Do you know the format of your external drive.

IIRC AFP will not be able to share FAT32 formatted drives.

Thanks for the help. 

The only other problem I am getting is that while playing a video after about 10 mins it stops and says the afp connection is lost. 

Are there options that are not set right on my Mac? 

We’re looking into a few AFP related issues, and if you can submit a bug report as described in the link below it would help us in resolving issues like yours.