Media Player setup questions here?

I’m new to aTV Flash and can’t figure out how to setup the shares so that MP can see the files on my Mac Pro.  It’s the primary machine (the one with the iTunes Library) but I can’t browse it (it doesn’t show up in the list of AFP shares although 2 other computers do as well as my Time Capsule).

For that matter, any plug-in requiring network configuration is counter-intuitive but I realize that they come from third-parties.  I just want to be able to access my own media files which aren’t in iTunes!


Never mind.  Forgot to turn AFP on; SMB WAS on, however.

All is working now.




Could you give me a hand? I’m trying to set up MP with Cyberduck, afterfollowing the steps on the website, I can’t find the “Terminal” file, so the rest of the process can’t be finished!

I’m running Lion!