Media Player runs out of memory with 720p video

I use AFP to connect to my computer’s share and start to play an MP4 that is 720p. It works for a minute or so and then I get an error that I’ve run out of memory. I have to restart Lowtide from the settings to recover from the problem. Things seem fine with standard def video. Just the 720p always causes this problem.

Beta 6 should fix this issue.

Sweet, I’ll look forward to it. Don’t suppose we know when it’ll be coming down the pipe?

Not other than ‘any day now’.   Since it was originally expected to be in Jube that does not leave many days if that target is going to be met :slight_smile:

The bad news is Beta6 won’t be available in June, but the good news is that it will be available tomorrow. :)

June 31st is good enough for me :slight_smile:


James - unfortunately, Beta6 Media Player is STILL unable to play 720p M4V movies (Handbrake ‘Apple TV 2’ preset).  The error message in the latest version is slightly different from “out of memory” errors in previous versions:


Playback Error: an error occurred loading this content.


What’s amazing is that it has no trouble playing the original 1080p MKVs, from which the 720p file was created.   I must say - this is very disappointing…  I was really hoping this would be fixed by now.

Do these files even start playing?

There seem to be issues with some video formats not even starting with the beta 6 Media Player. This suggests that it is something fundamental such as a video rendering issue, but something else. Quite what is the deciding factor in such cases I do not know but I am sure that Firecore must be working hard on resolving this. Hopefully it is something that once the cause is identified it may be relatively easy to resolve and we will soon see results.

No, the files start buffering and then fail after about 4-6 seconds with the error I listed in my previous post.  These are Handbrake 720p encodes with standard ATV2 preset, and are perfectly playable by stock ATV2 player.  I cannot believe Firecore team still hasn’t made this work.

Hmm, sorry about that. For the most part Handbraked stuff is working pretty well here.

If you’re able to submit a bug report and send in your file specs we’ll try and get to the bottom of whatever is going on.

Have done just that.

Having the same problem here with a series of 720p videos.  Restarting lowtide/rebooting the ATV2 doesn’t help.  File plays for about 10 seconds then the low memory warning screen comes up (using Beta 6 fully updated).  


Opened support ticket #17803.  The movie info of one of the example movies that don’t work attached here as well:



Good news - H.264 720p Avatar is working with the latest Media Player beta.  I haven’t done any extensive testing yet, but looks promising so far.

I have the same problem. I try to run any media that is large and mapped via afp to a time capsule, and it says “memory warning. your device is running low on memory” Most files are around 700 Mb or higher. I can run smaller files around 300 Mb fine. I have firecore installed, and XBMC with the bluedot plugin and that is it. I removed couch surfer in case it was a true memory use issue, but doesn’t seem to have changed anything. 

I have MP4’s and AVI’s, not sure the exact codecs used each time, but it consistantly has a problem when I try to run a file that is above 700 Mb. 


Actually, just realized it does the same thing with some sample files that I have downloaded with some of the movies. the one in particular I am looking at now is about ~20 Mb, but is 720p. I just tried to run some cartoons that are about 50 Mb in size and they show what appears to be the first frame, then I get the memroy error. I just went and restarted lowtide, and the same thing happens again, so it is not a matter of the file size. The file I just triedx to run:

video codec is MPEG-4 part 2 microsoft variant version 3

audio codec MP3

Video size 352x240

duration 20 minutes 18 seconds. 


Also, I am running beta 6, and just submitted a diagnostic dump via the maintenance tool with a serial number ending in DR5. 

If you are not already running the latest Medai Player (0.7.1) then I would not think there was much point in submitting a bug report until you have upgraded to that version)

Just installed Seas0nPass and FireCore aTv Black tonight (so should be the latest and greatest, right?) and having the same problem. M4v files will not play, just get a loading… then the error about not being playable. Surfing around looking for a solution… anyone found it yet?

I reinstalled/upgraded to the newest version of iOS and seas0npass, have only installed media player and it seems to be working fine now (no xbmc installed). I don’t want to mess with it now, it takes about an hour anytime I do.
Just for reference I did have the latest version of media player before, I only upgraded iOS/seas0npass.

Were theses files purchased via iTunes? Media with embedded DRM is not supported in the current version.