Media Player: Removed shares looping bug

To recreate:

  1. Add AFP share to Media Player
  2. Add share to Favorites (make sure it is the displayed left-most on your favorite list in Media Player)
  3. Go back to top-level Apple TV Menu
  4. Go to file server and rename or delete share that was set as a favorite share
  5. Open media player
  6. Media Player will attempt to browse favorite share, will display an error message
  7. Press "Menu" button will bring you back to Media Player, causing it to run step #6 again

So you end up stuck in a vicious loop between #6 & #7.

If you hit the menu button repeatedly in quick succession, you should be able to get it to go back to the top-level Apple TV menu before Media Player gets a chance to try to browse the non-existent share.

Also, I found I could crash Media Player and the Apple TV (thereby restarting lowtide) in step #7 by pressing “Menu” button and “Right” repeatedly (in attempt to move away from the non-existent favorited share it is trying to browse.)

I suspect this is by design.   Holding down the Menu key and any of the cursor keys seems to be trapped at the iOS level to cause special actions to be take.

I wasn’t pressing them together at the same time, rather I was quickly alternating between the two in the attempt to get Media Player to move the focus from the selected favorite to try to delete the share before it would try to browse the favorite share.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try and replicate the issue here and see if we can get that sorted out, or at least get a workaround in place.

Also, if you’re able to send in a bug report we can look into the crash you saw and see if there’s anything we can do.