Media Player question


I would like to create a iTunes library on my external hard disk (connected with usb to my airport extreme) and acces them both from within iTunes and also via folder structure with Media Player on Apple TV.

iTunes puts every movie in a seperate folder. For example Godfather > Godfather.m4v While browsing in the Media Player will all my movies show up or will I need to browse through all the folders?

Thanks in advance for the feedback. Congratz with this app, it really looks amazing and will increase my apple tv 2 functionality a LOT. 

At the moment Media Player provides a folder view of your media until you get to the actual media file which you can then run.

The oncly current exception to this I know about is that Media Player is clever enough to recognise a folder that contains a VIDEO_TS folder as being the files ripped from a DVD, and in that case selecting the folder will run the media without drilling down the exttra level.

Whether this might change in the future I have no idea.

We’re working to add support for folder based playback as well, so clicking the ‘Godfather’ folder would begin playback for the enclosed movie.

Stay tuned.


That sounds promising. Any idea for how long I should “stay tuned”?

I keep getting permission denied on folders, also the ones that do open are very slow to open and then play the content. once i get through that it works fine