Media Player - Playing iTunes purchased content?

Subject basically says it all, but is the latest Media Player v0.2 supposed to play iTunes purchased content that I have copied to a NAS? I can browse through my NAS folders and play basically any content I have encoded myself from DVD (Thanks for that!!), but anytime I goto play any movie content that I purchased through iTunes, the player starts acting like it's playing (the timer counts along), but the sound / screen are silent / black.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the goal of the Media Player was to allow us to store all our content on a NAS and be able to play it (without the need of a Mac or Windows machine running iTunes to stream from). So is the playback of iTunes purchased content not yet implemented, or is this a bug / problem with my install?

Purchased content isn’t currently supported, but we’re hoping to have some type of integration in the future.

Ok, thanks for the reply. This is the one thing about the new AppleTV that I dislike, and the main reason I keep my original AppleTV (silver) around, because I can at least access and play purchased content from a NAS on the old one.

Any ideas when this capability might be ready?