Media Player Playback Problems

I have just jailbroken my ATV2 on the latest 6.1 software. Installed ATV Flash Black and have Media Player loaded. I can get no .avi or .mkv files to play at all. Always the same error Playback Error “an error occurred loading this content” Is this a known issue? Is there a resolve for this issue? Thank you

I am playing back both mkv and avi files without any problems so it is not an inherent problem.

It might be worth checking permissions on the shares. Also, after doing a new jailbreak I often find it is a good idea to reboot your router and all systems that interact with the ATV as otherwise network related glitches often seem to happen.

I have downgraded back to 5.0.2 and everything is working as advertised not having one issue now. I guess I will wait until 6.1 has been out there awhile. Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: