Media Player - Playback error for some files

I am using the latest Media Player 0.9.2-165148 and get a “Playback Error -  An error occurred loading this content”.  The file is one I got from iPlayer (with no DRM using Get Iplayer Automater) and in Quick time it shows its details as: 

Some Header data describing the show then.

Format: h.264 1280x720 Millions

           ACC, Stereo(LR), 24.000khz

FPS 25

Data Size 9110.06MB

Data Rate 2797.78 kbits/sec

I get the same problem with an SD program downloaded the same way but in SD (640X360 and a data rate of 806kb/s) but again with descriptive data in the header.  Do you think the meta data is messing up the read by Media Player.  These files work perfectly from iTunes to my ATV2 using its native application.

.AAC, Stereo (L R), 24.000 kHz


Can you run one of the files through MediaInfo and send in a diagnostic report from your AppleTV? This will help is track down what’s going on.

Details here: