Media player passes the AFP share, yet it fails to fecth on the NAS (DLINK DNS-325) but fails when trying to Fetch


I’m trying to get the mediaplayer on my atv to fetch my movies. I have set up a AFP share and granted it access with a username and password which I have created on the NAS. When I test the connection to the share, it passes. However, when I try to fetch movies from the share. It FAILS. What could I possibly be doing wrong? I AFP a good protocol to use? Or is NFS better?

My Nas is a DLINK DNS-325  


Thank you so much, help is much appreciated 



Hi AngusMitchell,

If you haven’t already, make sure your NAS and aTV are 100% up-to-date with regards to their respective firmwares.

If they’re updated, I would suggest that:

  1. Try using the share with NO username or password
  2. If the above passes, add a user with a 'simple' password (i.e. no funny characters)
  3. If the above passes, then try messing around with different username/password
  4. If the above passes and you are now using the username and password from your Original Post, then try changing the URL from something like: MyDellNAS.local to the IP of the device.

Look forward to hearing the results!