Media Player "Out of memory"


Whenever I play higher resolution movies in aTV Flash MediaPlayer app after few seconds I always receive the warning “low amount of memory”.
I know that this is a Beta version of the aTV Flash but are there any solutions to this problem - for instance does it help to use XBMC?


At the moment XBMC seems to be the better bet - I get up to 720p mkv files playing fine in XBMC.    Having said that the situation may well change with the imminent release of beta6 of the FireCore software with the new Media Player.

This happened to me about two weeks ago, would start to play a movie but then stop and warning, “low memory”. I finally resorted to the tried and true “restart” of the Apple TV. At work, so can’t exactly remember which settings menu I went into since not looking at it right now but remember clicking on restart system and voila haven’t had that warning since then, fingers crossed!