Media Player - option to turn off metadata fetching

Can we have an option to turn off Metadata fetching in Media Player? Right now, it basically produces totally random metadata for my AVI files - for example, it thinks that a recording of Daily Show is “Tudors”.

I would rather turn it off altogether… Unless a file is already tagged, I would rather it not attempt to fetch it from the Internet.


Motion carried.... please, also if there was a way to use the Icon of the file as the preview that would be good too.

Rather than just switching it off, I'd prefer it to have a more intelligent way of fetching metadata. I use atvFlash to play media from a network drive without having to switch my laptop on, so I've organised all my media into folders like "TV Shows > Doctor Who > The Day Of The Moon.mp4". Most episodes it finds just fine but it struggled to find The Day Of The Moon and matched it up with some dodgy 60s movie. Perhaps the metadata retriever should also look at the folder the file is located in. In this case, it would've realised this was an episode of Doctor Who and not a movie.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The option to disable metadata fetching entirely should be available in the next version.

More versatile metadata fetching (with support for TV Shows) will be available in the future.

I just purchased and setup aTVFlash yesterday and go into testing out the Media Player today. As much as I like what has come from this project so far, I strongly urge this item to be addressed in some fashion ASAP.

I have an ATV2 setup at my office where I work - in a recreational area for everyone to use. During my testing of Media Player I used a few existing video files I’ve created myself. Much to my surprise, the metadata that was fetched was rather inappropriate for the workplace. Thankfully, at the time, no one else saw this but me. Without some update/improvement to this I would not feel comfortable making this available to the other employees.

Other than that at the moment, I have nothing but kudos to give on this excellent project. Please keep up the good work.

I agree with this, I have an Apple TV set up for my daughter (age 8) in her bedroom.  My wife was none too pleased when one of the kids movies returned metadata for a porn film!  I have had to switch off metadata until this is improved.


I turned metadata Fetching off to see the effect. 


Now I have a problem because although it is now turned on again I nowhere see any metadat.


How to solve this?