Media Player on Windows

How can I make the new media player work with my Windows 7 PC which is wireless networked


Thanks all

I have the same question, is there any type of server we can setup so windows users can use the new media player?

Also wondering about this. It was the whole purpose of me getting aTV flash.

Currently it only appears to support AFP servers.

Whilst it is possible to buy an AFP server for windows, they do not appear to be cheap.

Presumably in the near future they will be adding the option for the more generally used SMB server (supported by pretty much every server)

It would be nice if Firecord could give us an indicator, if and when.

Its a shame XBMC doesn't have native integration at least for the video section, realistically the only bit I use is video playing in it.

We're currently working on adding support for SMB shares.

We should have more details soon.

I am running MacServer IP which shares AFP to my other Mac's fine but when I try to connect using Media Player (which picks up the shares etc. fine) it says "An error occurred. AFP connection faile: unreachable network or incorrect login/password" I have tried authenticating/not authenticating (which also both work on Mac ok) but nothing works, is this due to the file system being NTFS? Can I install a plugin etc. which will resolve this until you add SMB access?


Also wondering about this. It was the whole purpose of me getting aTV flash.


This was my sole purpose of buying aTV Flash as it supports AVI files, now I find I need a server that Win does not support, when can we get an update?

That is quite odd.

Can you submit a bug report as described here: