Media player not working

Recently updated my atv2 and my media player no longer works. Does not see any of my shares on my network. Any help would be most appreciated.

Mine was like that 2.  Where it would not find my share networks.   I had to manual enter them.  Try that and see if it works.


Thanks jackson.howard! Will try it out.  Unsure tho as to what the correct path would be to add it.  Always relied on the atv picking it up.  Is there a way to find that out? thanks again!!!

I had the same issue. Plugged my ATV2 into iTunes, did a full legitimate restore, then redid fire core, then redid flash black. works perfect now…





Tried that already, getting rally frustrated, lol. Had to stop tinkering was gonna get real mad. :frowning:

If you are using a NAS connected to your router…Share type it depends how you have your computer or NAS pushing out to your APPLE Tv but you can try SMB unless you already know that part.   from your computer you go to NETWORK which will tell you the name on your share you need to to enter in the NAME area on your Apple TV.  Then enter for SERVER the IP address of your computer or NAS… Then the User name and password…then hit test connection and keep your fingers crossed and hope it pass.   If it pass then you enter everything correctly…Save changes and you should be OK