Media Player not viewing files properly, HELP

I’m currently using ATV2 with the most current aTVflash beta version available and the media player app. is having issues.  It seems that I am getting a “There are no items for playback” message whenever I try to access music folders containing mp3 files.  I am using a network connected drive via SMB.  The odd part is I can access any type of video files thru media no problem.  I’ve played mp4s, avi, divx, etc. and they all work thru the same drive and same browsing method.  Also to verify these mp3s work thru the same system XBMC accesses and plays them fine as well.  Anyone run into this issue and know of an update or fix to solve this problem?  Is this a known issue that is being worked on?  Any help would be very much thanked on this issue.


Hey Jeremyf, try and use xbmc for .mp3 files or wait until they release beta6. According news posted by James, there will be a lot of tweaks and fix with their media player. However, for now just use xbmc and you may run into issue with xbmc freeze when you tries to run .mp3 files. I had this problem before and I found the fix but could not remember how I did it. Just search google on " xbmc froze when trying to play .mp3 files". There should be a work around this.

I am also experiencing this issue (after beta6) it sees my folder structures but not the dvd ISO’s at all. Any thoughts?

DVD iso are not (currently) supported by Media Player.   If you want to play a DVD, then you have to rip all the files off it into a folder that replicates the DVD file structure.  Even then there are reports that some DVD’s are not playing - I do not know if the common factor for the ones that will not play has yet been tracked down.

Really appreciated, thanks. XBMC is playing them without a hitch. Love this whole ATV2 scene. Copying all of my iso’s to folders would have been a nightmare. Hopefully playing from ISO will happen in the final release. I am very pleased with this setup so its all gravy from here = )

I am having the same issue with Beta 6 playing MP3’s and Apple Lossless connected on a Cisco E4200 share. I was hoping Beta 6 would fix this but I guess I will have to wait until the next release. :frowning: