Media Player not showing up under Maintenance

I am having an issue with media player and was hoping for some help. I was really enjoying the last beta of media player, and was having just minor issues like kicking back to main menu.  I could deal with it, but when the latest version rolled out i read people having problems with it rebooting.  Well I thought about weather it was worth the risk because I use it alot to stream movies.  I updated and had the same problem as alot of people, it would reboot the machine.  Well I originally jailbroke the unit with greenposion, but this time I used season pass( I believe thats what is called).  No big deal I just put it back to 4.2.1 I believe ( im not at home right now to check). But anyway I reinstalled ATV Flash Black and everything is fine other than the media player is not in the maintenance menu  to install anymore. Any ideas would be appreciated.

We’ve adjusted the install a bit due to some reported issues, so Media Player will not actually appear as an option if you’re running an older version of AppleTV software.

Re-jailbreaking with the current version of Seas0nPass will update your AppleTV to 4.2.2, and then Media Player can be installed.

but when i tried letting it download the ipsw it would not install with itunes.  I have all the shsh backed up i thought.  I ran tiny umbrella and it would not work unless I used an older firmware.  should I just wait until the new seas0nPass comes out?

A new version of Seas0nPass will be out soon, but in the meantime you may try adjusting your hosts file as described here.

Thanks for responding so quick.  I will just wait for the new version of seas0npass to come out, and try reloading the system.  Really love the simpicity of media player.  Even my young kids can handle operating it, and the picture quality is great.  Looking forward to getting it back working.