Media Player missing

Hello, I have a ATV 1 with 3.0.2 running and ATVflash 4.4.1 but in the menu the media does not exist.

What can i do?


The ATV1 equivalent of Media Player (Sapphire) can be installed through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu. Once installed, this will appear as ‘Media’ in the main menu.

Just new to ATV1, I have 2 ATV2’s with Media Player and love it, can Sapphire access my Time Capsule like Media Player? if not will some of these features come to ATV1?



Sapphire can access your Time Capsule, however you will need to use nitoTV to setup the share.

Details for doing this can be found here.

You would think, with 2 ATV2’s setup and accessing my Time Capsule I would be able to accomplish this with The ATV1, but no such luck, just connection fail errors.