Media Player Metadata

OK, all of my problems with Beta5 were fixed in Beta6.  I’m probably going to get rid of my AppleTV (silver w/Crystal HD) and just use the AppleTV (Black) as it’s working so well given my current (Synology NAS, all of my DVDs ripped) setup.  BRAVO!!!


My only problem, so far:


media play will see my DVD rip folders and play DVDs fine, but it gets the metadata COMPLETELY wrong.  For example:


I have a structure that looks like this:

  • media\DVD\<Genre>\Title\VIDEO_TS

But, for some, they’re multi-disc:

  • media\DVD\<Genre>\Title\Disc 1\VIDEO_TS

or, they’re TV:

  • media\DVD\Television\Show\Season #\Disc #\VIDEO_TS

For ones that say “Disc 1” or “Disc 2” it doesn’t get it right at all, ever.  Is there a way I can put a “hint” file, maybe, so that I can identify what the bloody show is?  I really don’t like that it shows the metadata for some crappy movie I don’t own or want instead of my clearly defined (to me, anyways) organization structure!

Unfortunately the current metadata implementation is pretty bare-bones, so if it pulls down the wrong info there’s not much you can do to fix it.

We’re planning to implement a more robust fetching system that would allow for refetching should the wrong info be downloaded.


I thought that this might be the case, a logical progression too, excellent news. I was wondering if the future version might be able to display artwork from a Folder Name too, rather than only the media file?

I don’t mind the not being able to edit/modify/search, etc, I’m just hoping for something like:


hint.xml in folder containing

<file name=“video_ts”>






or something like that: just so that if i know what it is, you won’t spend time in the media program trying to find out information that’s already available…

I have a similar problem.

I have all my DVDs Riped and organized, inluding Metadata for several formats (XBMC, My Movies, Mediabrowser, sage TV, etc.)

It will be great to have an option for the Media player to read metadata allready existing in the folders.


Lots of good stuff coming in the next version…stay tuned. :)

Hi James


When is the next release due?


Soonish…perhaps next week.