Media Player Metadata Tag Reference?

I am trying to setup the XML metadata files for all my DVDs.  I am familiar with the tags provided by Sapphire on Apple TV 1.  It seems that Media Player on Apple TV 2 supports of a subset of those XML tags.  Specifically I was wondering if the following is supported:


  • A tag for specifying the running time of the movie in minutes

  • A tag for specifying a “secondEpisode” or “lastEpisode” when a DVD has multiple episodes of a TV series so we can ranges (e.g.: Episodes 5-10) – Sapphire supports this

  • A general reference of all supported tags so we know what we have access to


Incidentally, here is my setup:

  1. Using Delicious Library 2 to track all the DVDs I own.  I have made a custom publishing template to extract most of the Amazon metadata I need to a published HTML site.  This includes thumbnail images and a well-formed XHTML containing all metadata for all DVDs in one file.  Because this file is well-formed XHTML I should be able to parse it easily enough.

  2. I am writing a Java program to parse the “index.html” generated by Delicious Library and reference a directory of explicit overrides as well to dynamically build the XML files I want and populate them with the content from Delicious Library 2 (this gives my wife the option of editing genres via a nice graphical user interface on her Mac and just publishing it when done).  Further, I can copy the thumbnail images to the appropriate locations and rename them so Media Player finds them.

  3. I am using SMB sharing from my Airport Extreme to the Apple TV2 connected via wired 100mb ethernet (would be Gigabit if Apple TV 2 was not limited to 100MB)

  4. I am setting up sub-directories for each genre containing symbolic links to media files and meta data files in the root of the directory mounted by the Apple TV 2.  This allows me to have the same movie in two sub-directories without having it on the disk twice.  Because I am using SMB, it appears as an actual file to the Apple TV rather than a symbolic link (using AFP the symbolic link gets ignored because of some kind of check on file types)


+1 I’m interested too in the supported tags