Media Player Metadata From Ember Media Manager


I’ve recently jogged on XBMC as I wasn’t overly happy with it & prefer Media Player much better as the UI is more Apple-esq. Anyway, my problem is that it’s not currently reading a lot of my films & TV shows metadata correctly. I was using Ember Media Manager for all my films, but after doing some digging around, I noticed that Media Player only accepts XML files, not NFO’s. I was wondering if there is a way to correct this so I can carry on using Ember as I prefer this as my scraper & the Meta Data fetching from the internet within Media Player isn’t so great & it’s grabbing pictures from somewhere that are completely wrong, even though I have my own folder image in there.

Maybe someone could steer me in the right direction on how to setup this up correctly or tell me what I’m doing wrong as I’m new to using Media Player & have kinda got used to XBMC, but as I mentioned before, I’ve gone right off it.

Thanks in advance! :D

If anyone could help me, it would be most appreciated. I’ve spent the last 3 hours searching this forum & trying what’s suggested in the FAQ, but still some films are appearing with the wrong artwork & information.


Films I’m thinking your talking about movies.  ex. “Iron Man” make sure your file (avi, mp4 ect) is set up as Iron Man.avi. If there is a different picture that shows up other then iron man still hold the middle button (select) over the incorrect picture (cover art of DVD) and go to metadata and it should come up with a list of names and just look for the name of your movie.  Hope this is what you meant. 

Hi Jackson,

I’ve tried this to no avail. I scraped my own images using Ember & some of the films pick up the right pictures & some pickup foreign images. I’ve tried naming the images to folder.jpg or moviename.jpg & still the same foreign image shows up. Relaoding metadata also doesn’t help. All my movies are named correctly as to the guide in the forum. TV shows are 100% as they should be, just not some of the films.

I’m also not sure how to get my own movie info to show up as well?